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I was told that I needed to write a better bio for my website. So rather than have someone else produce a very professional but, bland effort…or write one myself in that style and try to pass it off like someone else wrote it, I figured I’d just tell my story myself in a way that people who know me would recognize. This musical journey that I have been on as far back as I can remember just does not translate well to a one-page EPK kind of bio. While my music communicates plenty on its own, by sharing the story of my life in it, perhaps it can become something more personal and understood for a listener? At least that is what I am hoping…

An affinity for music and compulsion to do things with it, started out at an incredibly early age with me. In recent years, through the magic of Facebook, I wound up reconnecting with my kindergarten teacher (who also happened to be my first crush…she was gorgeous…but I digress). It had to be her first teaching gig right out of school and while I was a wild kid, she had no problems reeling me in. She told me that when it came to the part of the day for her to get on the piano and get us singing, that I was always the one to muscle my way up to the front and sing at the top of my lungs. She remembered my parents as a colorful couple, as well. Hard to believe someone could remember so much after all these years. But I remembered her, too.

My first “performance” was at ten years old...

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